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About Leadership TKO for Women (Vol II.)


You are a Woman, Born to Lead, On Fire to Serve!

Women throughout the world have experienced divorce, home foreclosure, sex trafficking, wage inequality and many other hardships. Unfortunately, those situations overtook a few. However, you made it! You made it through life’s hardships for a reason.

There is a calling upon your life to accomplish something great! The mess that you have gone through should have taken you out. However, the Most High said ‘No.’ The mess you have endured will serve as the basis of your message. A message that will inspire other women to rise triumphantly.

Your message will inspire other women, like yourself, who need support and coaching to maximize their potential and impact the lives of others. For this reason, the Born to Lead Global Women’s Leadership Campaign was launched in 2017 with the release of Leadership TKO for Women (Book Vol. I).

This year, however, the campaign, along with Book Volume II, will ignite your heart to lead and inspire nations of people. After reading this book, you will be on fire to serve! With that being said, my sister, rise! Stand strong! Lead on!


About the Co-Authors:

Four women, Lakeisha McKnight, Toccara Steele, Lyne Demmons and Shinese Collins, have decided to partner together to empower women to become effective leaders through Leadership TKO for Women (Volume II), the literary project connected to the Born to Lead Global Women's Leadership Campaign. These four women are entrepreneurs who serve women and want to see them succeed in life and business. They educate women in the areas of self-growth, finances, leadership and how to become a resilient woman. Be sure to visit  for more information about the authors and the campaign.


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